Repeatedly rewriting calendar

Having a calendar to add to a daily, weekly or even monthly spread is something that everybody would like. Nobody wants to draw the calendar every time that someone want to add it to the bullet journal.

How often does someone redraw a calendar?

If you start with the setup of bullet journal, you will quickly run into the fact that some spreads will require the entire year’s calendar.

If you go to the year overview, you will find you have to draw the entire calendar for the year into your bullet journal. The next spreads, the tracker spreads. You will find, depending on what type of spread you are going to use in the bullet journal. You have to go and draw in the calendar for each spread. These spreads can include trackers like your beauty tracker and for women their period tracker.

Some people will even go as far as to create a tracker for their mood and have a color per mood for their overall mood for the day.

Then you get the trackers that a calendar it is not necessary to have, but it is something nice to have. A reference for what date falls on what day. This can be something like a blog that a person will go and figure out all the blog posts for the entire year beforehand. It is a way to keep track of being consistent on-line.

You can even use a calendar in your goals. This is where you will colour in everyday if you are able to complete that goal. From there you get your monthly overview were you will have a calendar drawn out. You can even go as far as having a calendar by your weekly spread. You can even take this as far as to your daily spreads, but you can keep track of where you are in the week the month or even the year.

Why you do not redrawing where you need the calendars?

The idea of drawing something repeatedly, to the point where somebody can ignore the calendars. Knowing that people do not want to draw in the calendar, as often as a person would like it to be. They did not think of a way to add the calendar without drawing it repeatedly.

What other options are there for a physical bullet journal?

The biggest option and the most preferred option for people to do stickers. They get the idea to use some stickers, so they will go and buy sticker kits with calendars of that year in. Another option they will go and create their own calendar stickers by printing the calendar on to sticker sheets. Cutting out the stickers and use them as an option to add the stickers to the bullet journal.

Other options in digital bullet journal.

There is only one option when it comes to digital bullet journaling, but there are so many varieties of how you can do it. You do not have to have a calendar that is a plane solid black and white.

You have the option to have different colours of the calendar and even in different shapes and forms. Some of the calendars can even be decorative or have some type of decorative element to it that you can use repeatedly.

The great thing about doing it digitally is that you can only create the calendar only once. By using the option of copying and pasting the image repeatedly. You can use that image as a digital sticker many times, as you need to. You can even go as far as adding the sticker everywhere you want the calendar to be if it is somewhere that you need it or not.

The ideal option for digital and physical bullet journal

The ideal option would be by using a computer. You can create the calendar, a small image as a baseline for creating all the other calendars around it. You can create the basic outline without adding the number to the calendar or on what day the calendar starts. This is your blank template.

You can create a calendar start in each block of the seven blocks. The blocks are the seven days in a week. Create the calendars that you have 30 days and 31 days in it.

This will give you the fun option if you can decide on where you want to start your month or your week. Starting on a Sunday or a Monday and take the calendar that correspond with the 1st of the month can fall on.

You can start your week on a particular day. You can go with a Sunday start and the first fall on Tuesday. This will mean that you will have to get a calendar were the first is on block 3, where Sunday is the first block Monday the 2nd block, and Tuesday the 3rd block.

If you decide that you want to have a Monday start, you will get a calendar that starts on the second block since Tuesday will be the second day of the week.

Another option to have the numbers only. You can decorate it more to what the theme is for that month or if you have a yearly theme. When the calendar does not fall into the daily, weekly or monthly themes, you can decorate them separately. You can simply use photo manipulation software like Photo-shop, canvas, gimp or krita to create the stickers.

The best thing that you can do if you want to create your own stickers. If you use it digitally or physically. You can learn how to do some of the sticker kit designs on the computer. You can decide how exactly you want to print it or use it as a digital image for your digital bullet journal.

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