Multiple bullet journals

multiple bullet journal

Having multiple bullet journals is not a bad thing and yes, having more than one can work well for you. The most common journals to have other than the daily journal is the social media journals (blogs, YouTube or other social media where you need more than a page or two) or the sticker book.

Why you can have more than one bullet journal?

Before you go and say it is easier to have one bullet journal, think about it. You want to focus on doing a blog. Do you really want to go and have a full brainstorming for a post in between your Daily pages? No. Do you want to keep track of what you did post, or when to publish a post with everything related to that post? Maybe if you had one section dedicated to the blog, it could work. There are many smaller sections within having a blog to keep track of. A simple tracker that keeps track of everything in your bullet journal will work.

Another thing is if you want to have a bullet journal for your work life and personal life. If you want to keep your work and personal life separate, it is wise to keep them separate in the bullet journal as well.
Then you get yourself hundreds of digital stickers. The best option is to put it all in one place, and organized. This is where the sticker book comes in. this can be another form of a PDF document used as a digital book.

What is the benefit of having more than one bullet journal?

Having different bullet journals is more than to keep them separated. What if you have a craft project, bullet journal and some of the projects might take more than a year. You might want to keep track of everything that you started in a particular year. This is where having different bullet journals with different purposes comes in handy.

If you keep it all in one journal, you will have to copy all the ongoing projects in the end of the year. If you do not want to go with copying the project over. You will either give them up or put yourself under too much pressure to complete them before the year ends.

The main two bullet journals that someone can have, is the journal and then the sticker book.

Problems you can have with more than one bullet journal.

There are pros and cons to having multiple bullet journals
Some of the cons are:

  • Finding the right bullet journals
  • Keeping track of all the bullet journals

If you go with the option to have more than one bullet journal, you will quickly find that you have one big problem. Do not fear or let this stop you. There is a way around the problem of not knowing what the purpose of the bullet journal is.

How to identify all the bullet journals?

The solution to the problem is to have different covers to the Bullet journals. For instant, if you have one bullet journal for social media and then one that you have for your day-to-day life bullet journal.

Every PDF app should have a thumbnail view of the different PDF documents. This thumbnail is the first page of the PDF document. This thumbnail is refer to in the digital bullet journal as the cover of your bullet journals. In short, have your first page in your bullet journal be the identifying page of what the purpose of the PDF is. If you scroll through the thumbnails of the PDF documents, you will find the correct one that you want to use instead of guessing which one is the right one.

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